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Become more green!

The new year had the tendency to make us reflect and strive for new things. Resolutions are made – some to be kept, others to

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Metallic Ministickers

Match your labels to the season and your spirit! When the Christmas lights start being put up, the trees start being decorated, the carols start

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Things are easier to keep when there is no doubt who they belong to – with our new Maxistickers it’ll be hard not to know!

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Antibacterial Nametags

Our Nametags are now Antimicrobial! My Nametags labels are now the only antimicrobial labels in the market! During the current Covid-19 Pandemic we have been shown how vital

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Ministickers are here!

Our brand new Ministickers are perfect for labelling large amounts of equipment quickly. With 175 nametags in each set, every book, pen or pencil can

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