Door Stickers

Transform the entrance to your child’s bedroom with My Nametags Door Stickers! Our door stickers are easy to apply, reposition and remove so that in minutes you can give new life to a slightly dull or worn door.

Children's Bedrooms

Children use their bedrooms for play, relaxation, homework, reading and sleep so why not make it a space they will love to be in? Transform their bedrooms into a special place with our fun and cute Door Stickers! And mix and match with our wall stickers for a magical room.

Where can Door Stickers be used?

Our Door Stickers fit perfectly on smooth and lightly textured surfaces such as painted or wallpapered walls, doors, cupboards or tiles. These stickers should not be applied to freshly painted or wallpapered surfaces. Please allow a minimum of 30 days after decorating to apply the stickers.

How to apply Door Stickers?

For best results, apply the door stickers to clean, dry surfaces. Carefully pull the sticker from the sheet and place it on the desired area. Start at a corner of the Door Sticker and apply it gently to the surface, this will help prevent air bubbles. It's as easy as applying a wall sticker!

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