Our Products

  • Colour Stickers

    My Nametags Colour Stickers

    The most versatile, high British quality nametags. Can be used on stationery, clothes, shoes, equipment and are covered with an anti-bacterial coating.

    56x Colour Stickers

    USD 19.95 / AED 72.95 / SAR 72.95

  • Colour Iron-on

    My Nametags Colour Iron-on

    Perfect for clothes and school uniform, with a 10 year washing guarantee. Iron on to any clothing in seconds.

    56x Colour Iron-on Labels

    USD 19.95 / AED 72.95 / SAR 72.95

  • Ministickers

    My Nametags Black and White Stickers

    Stylish and discreet, they are also a great option for older children or adults. Each ministicker is 16x6mm.

    175x Ministickers

    USD 21.95 / AED 81.95 / SAR 81.95

  • Maxistickers

    My Nametags Forest themed Maxistickers

    Perfect for bigger things such as sports equipment, books and drinking bottles. Circles, squares and rectangles all on one set!

    21 Labels

    USD 12.95 / AED 46.95 / SAR 46.95

  • Wall Stickers

    My Nametags Space themed Wall Stickers

    Transform your children’s bedrooms into a magical space with our Wall Stickers! Super easy to apply (and reposition) to surfaces such as walls, doors and cabinets.

    Between 21 and 27 stickers (depending on theme)

    USD 20.95 / AED 76.95 / SAR 76.95