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Back to School with My Nametags labels

New school year,
new clothes and school equipment!

Whether they’re returning to nursery, primary, or secondary school your child will have plenty of clothing and equipment they’ll need to take with them for the day. Every year, towards the end of the school holidays, parents make a mad dash around the shops getting the last minute school essentials such as backpacks and highlighter pens.

All parents know that the chances of some of these items making it to the end of the school year is pretty slim, but that doesn’t stop your child nagging you to buy the latest style of bag or pencils with their favourite cartoon character on them. One solution to tackling missing clothing and equipment is to invest in name labels that can be attached before the start of term to avoid things going walkabout, and help to return them to you if they do.

In fact, a My Nametags study revealed that school jumpers, school books, and stationery are the top three most commonly lost items for children, making it all the more important to label your child’s belongings before term starts.

The ideal solution for Back to School My Nametags labels for uniform

My Nametags:
The ideal solution for Back to School

It doesn’t matter whether it’s their favourite toy, their pencil case, book bag, school jumper, blazer, or PE kit, there are many items that are part of day-to-day school life and all of these items could be lost, misplaced, borrowed, or taken home by another child or parent by accident. Missing items can not only be distressing for your child – just think how upset they’d be if their favourite teddy didn’t make it home from nursery – but it can prove costly for you too if you’re constantly replacing pencil cases, school ties, and PE kit.

All of the name labels in the My Nametags range are quick and easy to apply – particularly the Colour Sticker Nametags. Literally in a matter of seconds you can stick the labels to clothing, sports kit, stationery, and other back to school essentials. We all remember the days of having to sew on fiddly name labels to our school kit, but with the Colour Sticker Nametags you could label all of your child’s belongings in no time at all. Don’t forget to order your name tags early to avoid a last minute panic before term starts.

The Colour Sticker Nametags are flexible, durable, and rub resistant so they can be stuck to hard surfaces and clothing care labels. This makes them fantastic labels for all items of back to school kit, from jumpers and blazers to lunch boxes, textbooks and even school shoes.

The bright colours and range of over 1000 designs means you can personalise the labels, making them easy to spot in the classroom or changing room. Each label has room for three lines of text, giving you space for your name/your child’s name and your contact details making it easy for items to be returned to you if they’re misplaced or taken home by another child or parent by accident.

Get ready to design your labels!

Effortless to design, with thousands of possible combinations. Available as stickers, iron-ons and more.

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