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According to our research, around 1.4 million items of wearable school uniform are thrown away each year. And because so much of today’s clothing is made from synthetic fabrics that don’t break down very well, most of those items rot in landfill for decades.

Sustainable stickers from My Nametags are made to last longer than the clothes they identify. Our eco-friendly stickers remain bright, vibrant and easy to read after countless wash cycles.

Once you’ve placed one of our eco stickers onto a brand or care label, it will stay there until it’s time to hand the garment to someone else. And that’s great news for the environment.

Just one durable eco-friendly sticker label is all you need to identify your child’s uniform for its usable lifetime.

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Sustainable stickers in the UAE

While we don’t make biodegradable stickers, we ensure one sticker is all you need for the lifetime of a garment of possession.

The high-quality sustainable customer stickers we make don’t fade after a few washes — they remain readable for the lifetime of the items they identify.

When you use a My Nametags eco-friendly sticker, you won’t need to replace it until you hand the garment to someone else. And over time, that means you and your family will use far fewer labels than families who opt for cheaper alternatives.

Eco-friendly personalised stickers

We’ve designed our eco-friendly sticker labels in a way that makes them suitable for use on almost anything — from school jumpers to lunch boxes.

Because our eco-friendly labels are helping people to locate their children’s missing possessions, we’re helping the nation to reduce waste — and pressure on our burgeoning landfill sites.

According to research carried out by My Nametags, around 1.4 million items of school uniform are lost or thrown away each year. This is having a profound effect on the environment, as many of today’s modern school garments contain plastics — which take hundreds of years to degrade.

When you switch to sustainable custom stickers from My Nametags, you’re not only saving money on replacement items — you’re also protecting the environment.

Waterproof vs biodegradable vinyl stickers vs paper

Any high-quality eco sticker must have the ability to withstand regular washing. That’s why our eco-friendly sticker labels are made with premium PVC. They won’t fall off after the first wash and spend centuries in landfill.

We’ve also made our sustainable stickers easy to remove when you want to give the item to someone else. This makes recycling, upcycling and shared use easier than ever. It also allows you to dispose of eco-friendly labels in a responsible way.

Biodegradable labels are great for most disposable uses, but when it comes to staying on a garment or item for years, and surviving being lost in nature and still readable on the lost property, plastic is currently the only choice (but we are working on it...).

Sustainable sticker printing

While we don’t manufacture biodegradable stickers, we do everything we can to ensure our manufacturing process and products are made made sustainably. And we do that in a number of ways:

1. We make indestructible, flexible eco-friendly stickers from 100% vegan materials

2. All our packaging and correspondence materials are either recycled or approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (ideally FSC certified recycled)

3. We produce and export custom stickers to more than 130 countries from a single location in the UK — minimising our carbon footprint

4. We implement a strict recycling policy at our headquarters

5. We’re always searching for new materials and production methods to make our business more sustainable

Our approach to sustainability and environmentally manufacturing processes was one of the reasons we were awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award

How to make eco friendly labels

Making eco-friendly stickers requires durable materials, high-quality, environmentally friendly inks and state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Our approach to sustainability focuses on the manufacturing of indestructible, 100% waterproof eco stickers that never need to be replaced. This allows families across the world to minimise waste and maximise their recycling efforts.

Principles of sustainability

There is a sustainability principle of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reduce - Use less items or clothing. The less we use the lower the impact on the environment

Reuse - Make sure that you reuse the items that you have bought. My Nametags sustainable labels help return lost items and ensure your child will reuse them. We would love to use paper labels for this, but the labels need to be more resilient. Using name labels reduces your carbon footprint and saves the environment.

Recycle - If you have to replace an item, make sure that as much as possible is recycled. To support this effort, we are all buying more certified recycled fibre and post-consumer waste paper.

How to order sustainable labels

If you want to read more about our sustainable name stickers, click the link.

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  • Use them on shoes

    Label all your kids’ shoes so they’re always clearly identified when they are at school or out and about.

  • Ideal for clothing

    Our Colour name stickers are waterproof and have a 10 year washing guarantee, so there is no need to worry about them falling off after washing your clothes.

  • Perfect sizes

    We offer a range of labels in different sizes making them ideal for small items like pencils and large items like bags.

  • Child-friendly

    We use fonts and colours that make our personalised labels simple to read for children of all ages.

Eco-friendly stickers are those made with biodegradable materials or those that don’t need to be replaced. At My Nametags, we make eco stickers that withstand everyday use and countless wash cycles.

Absolutely. The best way to protect the environment is to buy eco stickers you’ll never need to replace. This allows you to reduce wastage and lost items while protecting the environment.

The vinyl itself isn’t biodegradable. However, because it’s pretty much indestructible, it can withstand a lifetime of rigorous use and washing cycles. You’ll never need to replace an eco sticker.

A My Nametags vinyl sticker should last as long — if not longer — than the garment or equipment it identifies. This reduces loss and wastage; it also makes recycling and shared use easier. These are all great ways to improve the sustainability of your household.

Green packaging is anything that’s sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment. Look for official environmental certifications to make sure suppliers are using green packaging.

At My Nametags, we only use packaging and correspondence materials that are either recycled or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council