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Name tags for kids clothes

Kids’ name labels serve a very important practical purpose — they stop possessions from being lost or mistakenly swapped. But they should also be fun. And that’s exactly what you get from the kids’ stickers available from My Nametags.

Very young babies may not take much notice of stickers on their bottles, clothes and toys. But that doesn’t mean that mum and dad can’t have some fun personalising these items. As babies get older, however, they start to notice colours and patterns.

Toddlers love seeing familiar illustrations of their favourite characters, toys and symbols. So when they see a sticker they recognise, they instantly know that item belongs to them.

And for older children, stickers for kids are often a matter of personal pride or a reflection of their personality. In fact, lots of children love to show off their personalised books and school equipment to their friends. The use of personalised name stickers for kids helps them to do this in style.

You’ll find name labels for kids of all ages right here at My Nametags. Durable, fully customisable and lots of fun, our products are the best on the market. Our stickers stay on clothing in the wash, so no need to sew on labels every again.

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Baby name labels

While babies may respond to vivid colours and shapes, they won’t always pay much attention to kids’ name stickers on their milk bottles and toys. But the ability to identify your baby’s possessions could help you to prevent them from being swapped or lost.

Looking after a baby at home is difficult enough, but it’s even more challenging when you’re out and about. You have to pack a multitude of items for just a short day out, and then you have to keep tabs on them. Even if you’re naturally vigilant in this area, there will be times when you leave items behind at friends’ homes, playgroups and public spaces.

When you have colour stickers from My Nametags identifying all your baby’s possessions, however, you can tell instantly what belongs to your baby and what doesn’t. Place the personalised name labels on everything from clothes to bottle sterilisers — they’ll withstand unlimited washing cycles.

Toddler name labels

Stickers for toddlers are ideal for those times when socialising gets a little chaotic. Whether your child is at nursery, enjoying a playdate or a trip to the local soft play facility, getting their toys and possessions mixed up with those of other children is very easy.

But personalised name labels for kids that feature bright, vivid and original designs are easily identifiable at a glance. This is the perfect way to teach your children to identify their belongings — and look after them. And by using your child’s name on the labels, you can help them to recognise it over time. High-quality childrens’ name labels can be a great introduction to reading for toddlers.

Name tags for school age children

As toddlers become young children, they start to become aware of their personal tastes and preferences. Some even start developing their personal sense of style. A great way to help young kids to express themselves is by giving them personalised kids or childrens name labels to personalise their school clothes and possessions with.

But there’s a practical reason why children's name labels are so important. Schoolchildren have a tendency to leave their books, uniform, PE kit, water bottles, small and large bento boxes and school equipment lying about.

It’s not unusual for children to return home after a day at school with another child’s possessions. In many cases, personalised name tags prevent this from happening. And even when it does happen, tracking down your child’s possessions is a lot easier when they’re labelled.

According to Bobbi Wegner, Psy.D. — a clinical psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University — a child who regularly thinks creatively can more easily solve problems than a child who follows rigid protocol when looking for solutions. Allowing your child to take charge of the creative process when designing the name labels could help them to develop enhanced problem-solving skills in the future.

Teenagers name labels

Teenagers tend to be less interested in 'childish' things such as personalised stickers for lunchboxes, but they still lose things — on a regular basis. While they may not be interested in bright colours and vivid images, they may still want to protect their possessions at school.

My Nametags allows teenagers to design a range of neutral name labels in order to prevent their books and school clothing from being lost or accidentally swapped. Even if they choose to print their name in a standard font with no illustrations, these name tags will be enough to prevent their possessions from being mislaid.

Other My Nametags favourites - door and wall stickers

In addition to kids name labels, My Nametags also offers a collection of door and wall stickers. These are very popular with children, and your kid's room can be filled with stars or wild animals.

How to shop for a pack of kids name stickers (only AED 99.95)

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  • Use them on shoes

    Label all your kids’ shoes so they’re always clearly identified when they are at school or out and about.

  • Ideal for clothing

    Our Colour name stickers are waterproof and have a 10 year washing guarantee, so there is no need to worry about them falling off after washing your clothes.

  • Perfect sizes

    We offer a range of labels in different sizes making them ideal for small items like pencils and large items like bags.

  • Child-friendly

    We use fonts and colours that make our personalised labels simple to read for children of all ages.

Making a name tag for kids that will withstand daily punishment and regular washing is almost impossible without professional equipment, high-grade PVC and durable inks.

We recommend buying high-quality personalised name labels to save time and money. My Nametags allows you to design your own durable stickers for kids in minutes. All you need to do is place them on your child’s school uniform, school shoes, water bottles, lunchboxes and personal possessions

Place the personalised name labels directly onto care or brand labels. Name stickers aren’t designed to be placed directly onto fabrics — they can become displaced after just a few washing cycles.

There are two great options when it comes to labelling school uniforms: iron-on name labels (permanent) and kids’ name stickers (semi-permanent). Use stickers if you want to give away a garment.