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Schools are chaotic environments at the best of times, so it’s not surprising that so many garments get lost or mistakenly swapped during the course of the average day. That’s why iron-on school labels are so important.

If you can permanently label items of school uniform, you can reduce the chances of another child picking up your child’s clothes by mistake. And even when that happens, tracking down the lost or swapped items is much easier when they’re clearly labelled.

Labels for school uniform are easy to apply, washable and lots of fun. They’re a permanent solution to the age-old conundrum of how to prevent your child from losing shirts, ties, trousers and PE garments at school. And because you can now personalise them online, they’re more fun than ever before.

If you’re still not convinced of the need for iron on school labels, read on. We’ve compiled some of the most impressive benefits related to clothing labels for school, and we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at My Nametags.

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Why are iron on school labels necessary?

The average school environment is a perfect storm for lost and mistakenly swapped garments. It’s chaotic, dynamic and unpredictable, and that combination means thousands of school garments are lost or taken home by mistake every single day.

Children — particularly young ones — don’t pay too much attention to their clothing at school; they’re more interested in socialising or taking part in activities. As a result, it’s very easy to pick up someone else’s tie or rucksack.

And all of these problems are compounded when children are expected to wear a school uniform. If there are hundreds of identical jumpers and PE garments in the building at the same time, the potential for accidental swaps is huge.

Items of school uniform are — let’s face it — more expensive than ever. And in many cases, there are more of them. When you shop for these items, you need to know that your money is going to stretch to at least a term’s worth of clothing.

But it’s hard to keep track of those garments when your child is at school. How many times has your child come home wearing someone else’s jumper or PE shorts? If you’re like most parents, it’s probably more times than you can remember.

But you can protect your child’s possessions for a relatively small outlay. Identifying every garment with a personalised iron-on label is the simple solution to this very expensive and annoying problem. Quick, permanent and lots of fun, iron-on labels for school uniform take just a few seconds to apply — but they can protect your child’s clothing for a lifetime.

The various uses of iron-on labels

You can permanently fix iron-on school labels to clothes, and some school bags in seconds — all you need is a domestic iron or a set of hair straighteners. Unlike name stickers, iron-on school labels stick directly to fabrics. A special type of adhesive agent that melts when heat is applied is used to prevent damage to fibres while delivering a long-lasting labelling solution.

Some parents discreetly label their children’s clothes just inside the collar or on the inner cuff. Others position them close to the bottom of the garment. But there are occasions where an iron-on school label should be made fully visible, including when labelling bags and pencil cases.

You can fix iron-on school labels to most fabric garments and possessions, including:

1. Shirts

2. Jumpers

3. PE kit

4. Socks

5. Ties

6. Trousers

7. Skirts

8. Dresses

9. Fabric school bags

10. Fabric pencil cases

What to look for in a quality iron-on school name label

Uniform clothing name tags are waterproof, practical and highly effective — but only if they’re made to high standards with premium materials. When you select the best school uniform clothing name labels, choosing quality over price can save you money in the long run. Buy a premium product from a manufacturer such as My Nametags, and you’ll never have to replace it. And that’s great news for the environment!

If an iron-on school label has been fully tested in a range of conditions, the manufacturer will usually be very confident about its ability to stand the test of time. With this in mind, look for a manufacturer’s guarantee — particularly when it comes to washing the garment.

It’s also worth doing a little research into the materials used. Iron-on labels for school uniforms are supposed to be permanent, so look for those made with high-quality materials, inks and adhesives.

Finally, the best iron-on school label manufacturers use state-of-the-art printing technology. This ensures that the school name labels don’t fade and become illegible after several washes.

In short, your chosen personalised label should last as least as long as the garments they’re designed to protect.

Iron-on school labels v stickers

At My Nametags, we sell both clothing stickers and iron-on school labels. While both are personalised and made to the highest possible standards, there is a key difference between them that you need to consider before deciding which one to buy.

If you’re looking for a permanent personalised label for school clothing, the iron-on variety is the way to go. Designed to ‘melt’ into fabrics, iron-on clothing tags will remain in place for the lifetime of the garment.

But how do you label items of school uniform if your children share clothes? And what do you do if you plan to give the garments to someone else in the future? In both these situations, a name sticker for clothing might be more appropriate. Apply the sticker to a care or brand label, and it will remain in place despite rigorous use and constant washing. But when it’s time to hand the garment to someone else, you can simply peel the label off and replace it with another in a matter of seconds. Name stickers can also be used on a water bottle or lunch box too.

How to personalise iron on school labels

Whether your child likes to blend in or stand out from the crowd, the ability to personalise iron-on school labels is crucial. Thankfully, premium iron-on school label brands such as My Nametags make the personalisation process, simple, quick and lots of fun.

You and your child can let your imagination run wild by using an online design tool to create your personalised school clothing tags. This can either be a great way to spend time together or an opportunity for your child to express their personality.

The design process starts with text. Type the wording you want to appear on your iron-on school labels — usually spread across two sections. Useful information to add to a clothing tag includes:

1. First name

2. Nickname

3. School name

4. Class name

5. Teacher’s name

6. A parent’s telephone number

Anything that allows the finder to return the item safely to you can work. However, don’t provide personal information such as a home address or a surname if possible.

After you’ve finished the most important aspect of the personalisation process, you can have some fun by adding shapes, colour schemes and/or illustrations. You’ll be able to see what your printed name label will look like in a preview panel.

Once you’re happy with the overall design of your iron-on school labels, complete the purchase. Within just a day or two, you’ll receive a sheet of identical clothing tags you can iron onto your child’s school garments in seconds.

The price of quality labels is worth paying for

The whole idea behind premium iron-on school labels is that they last for as long as the garment. But this will only be the case if you spend a little extra on a high-quality product.

While you might be able to save a little money today on a slightly inferior clothing tag, you may end up paying twice if it falls off or fades after washing. By purchasing a premium iron-on school label, you don’t just reduce clothing waste, but you also minimise the number of labels you use — and that’s great news for the environment!

At My Nametags, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our iron-on clothing tags. We’ve stringently tested all our labels to ensure they can withstand multiple washes and the most rigorous daily use. That’s a guarantee that’s worth paying for, as it saves you money and a lot of hassle in the long run.

How to purchase iron on school labels

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  • Ideal for clothing

    Our iron-on name labels are waterproof and have a 10 year washing guarantee, so there is no need to worry about them falling off after washing your clothes.

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    Our almost 100% customer satisfaction rating is a testimony to the quality of our labels and our unmatched customer service.

  • Child-friendly

    We use fonts and colours that make our personalised labels simple to read for children of all ages.

You can iron on school name labels in a matter of seconds with a domestic iron. If you’re applying a clothing tag in a hard-to-reach area, hair straighteners might be the better choice.

At My Nametags, we create high-quality school name labels designed to last longer than the garments they identify. As long as you iron them onto fabric with a hot iron or hair straighteners, they should withstand regular, rigorous use and regular washing. The secret is in the materials and adhesives we use — which are of the highest quality.

An iron-on school badge is made with a special type of adhesive that is activated by heat. Position the badge in its final location and use a domestic iron to permanently fix it.

Don’t waste time sewing school badges onto several items of school uniform when you can apply an iron-on version in a matter of seconds. Our premium school clothing tags feature a premium adhesive designed to “melt” into fabrics almost instantly. And once they’re in place, they don’t budge or fade.

There are several ways to apply a name tag to a school uniform. While some sew them on, the most popular options are stickers and the type of tag you iron onto fabrics.

The option you choose depends on your aesthetic preferences, the time you have and your future plans for the garment. For example, if you plan to give away the item in the future, use a semi-permanent name sticker, which is applied to clothing labels and peeled off when it’s time to rename the item.

Sew-on labels offer the same permanent solution provided by iron-on school labels, but they take much longer to apply and require an element of skill. If you want to permanently apply a name tag to a school uniform, the best option is probably an iron-on name label.

The best way to permanently label a school uniform is with an iron-on name label — which you can apply in seconds using either a domestic iron or a set of hair straighteners.

In most situations, you’ll want to find a discreet location on the inside of the garment for your name label. Set your iron to the optimum temperature, and pass it over the label in the normal way. This will activate the adhesive and ‘melt’ the clothing tag into the fabric to create a permanent label.

Choose a location on the inside of the garment, and use the heat from a domestic iron to permanently fix the tag onto the fabric. You can also use hair straighteners.

Iron-on clothing tags are the perfect way to permanently label school jumpers. If you need to apply a school badge, do so on the right breast of the garment’s exterior. However, if you’re simply marking the jumper with your child’s name, the inside of the garment just below the neck at the back is the ideal spot. To make tracking down and identifying your child’s school jumpers and school uniform as quick and easy as possible, position all your iron-on clothing tags in the same place.