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There are certain environments in which losing or mistakenly swapping garments is relatively easy. The most common tend to be schools, care homes and work environments that require employees to wear uniforms. In these environments, labelling individual garments is the easiest way to prevent such problems.

But how do you label clothes quickly and without causing damage? And how do you prevent your name labels from becoming faded or displaced over time? Everyday garments such as school ties, shirts, blazers and trousers often look identical, but adding personalised labels to school uniforms and other garments differentiates them in an instant.

To help you find the best possible iron-on labels for clothing, we’ve put together a brief buyer’s guide. We’ve also answered a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive every week about iron-on name labels for clothing.

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Reasons Why People Use Iron-on Labels for Clothing

Iron on name labels for school and nursery

Easily the most common use for iron on labels for clothes is for identifying items of school uniforms. And it’s not surprising, as schools and nurseries are chaotic environments in which hundreds of children wear almost identical garments. It’s therefore not surprising that some children will pick up the wrong items from time to time.

Whether it’s a school tie, a jumper or a PE jersey, school and nursery clothing is highly susceptible to mistaken swaps. And tracking down lost items is almost impossible when there are hundreds of possibilities to consider.

School uniform tags you can iron on represent a practical and cost-effective solution to this age-old problem. Parents can immediately iron on personalised labels for uniform the moment it’s bought. That gives them a permanent and distinctive reminder of exactly who owns the garment.

Work garments can be labelled

But it’s not just school uniforms that can benefit from clothing labels you iron on in seconds. More and more businesses are turning to this practical way to identify garments to prevent work-based uniforms from falling into the wrong hands. Restaurants, retail stores and production environments often require employees to wear identical garments, which means accidental swaps and mislaid items are commonplace. My Nametags' multi purpose labels can benefit most businesses, as well as individuals.

Clothing labels for care homes

Care home tags are perfect for keeping tabs on the garments that are often left lying about. Whether it’s the staff, the residents or their relatives, applying iron on labels for clothing prevents a lot of the confusion and distress caused by accidentally swapping or losing garments. And the staff often use our labels for their care home clothing or uniforms too.

Personalising Iron-on Clothing Labels

Personalised iron-on labels for clothing are a practical solution to the problem of lost or swapped garments — but they’re also an opportunity to have fun and be creative. If you choose the right manufacturer, you should be able to create bespoke designs that won’t be found anywhere else.

Look for personalised iron-on clothes labels you can customise via an online design tool. At the very least, you should be able to add a line or two of text. Whether you use a name, a nickname or a phone number, include information that will help people who find your garments return them to you quickly.

There are some iron-on name label suppliers that give you a range of design options to add colour and personality to your labels. If you’re labelling your child’s school uniform, take the opportunity to have some fun by mixing and matching all the various design options.

The great thing about online design tools is that you can see exactly what you’re getting before you place your order. Don’t like the colour scheme, illustrations or text? Simply go back and make the necessary changes in seconds. You’ll see the results of the changes immediately. This is a great way to ensure your iron-on labels for clothing stand out from others at school.

What to Look for from Iron-on Labels for Clothing

A good iron on label for clothing should remain in place for the lifetime of the garment. This means that a highly durable, waterproof adhesive is essential. Designed to “melt” into fabrics, this adhesive is specially formulated to withstand multiple wash cycles and the rigours of everyday use.

High-quality iron-on labels for clothing should also be made with premium materials. After all, they need to withstand constant friction and movement while remaining in place and fully legible.

Look for iron-on name label manufacturers that use premium materials and inks to ensure your labels won’t fade over time. Some products come with waterproof guarantees, which means they’ll withstand countless washes without becoming illegible or falling off.

Take the iron-on name labels for clothing produced by My Nametags, for example. Made with premium materials and inks using state-of-the-art printing technology, these high-quality products come with a 10-year washing machine guarantee. Not only that, but they’re also able to withstand the heat and movement of domestic tumble dryers with relative ease.

The Advantages of Iron-on Labels for Clothing

When it comes to identifying garments in order to prevent loss or accidental swaps, there are several options. You can use personalised name label stickers, which are semi-permanent solutions that allow you to re-label garments in the future. However, they can’t be applied directly to fabrics — they must be stuck onto care or brand labels.

There are also some very good sew-on name labels on the market. However, while they’re permanent, they’re not exactly practical. Unless you know what you’re doing, applying sew-on name labels is a time-consuming, fiddly process that may not result in a neat finish.

If you’re looking for a simple way to identify school uniforms, work clothes or garments in care homes, iron-on name labels offer a number of advantages:

● Permanent — there’s no chance of them falling off

● Stylish

● Easy to apply

● Fully customisable via an online design tool

● Waterproof

● You can fix them onto a wide range of fabrics

In most situations, the best permanent name label for clothing is one you iron on with a domestic iron or a set of hair straighteners. If you plan to give the garment to someone else in the future, however, it might be worth considering a name label sticker — which can be removed in seconds.

How You Know Iron-on Labels for Clothing Are High-Quality

There are several tell-tale signs of a high-quality iron-on name label for clothing. You can start by checking customer reviews and testimonials online. Did the name labels withstand regular washing? Did the name labels remain bright, clear and fully legible over time? Look for reviews from people who used their labels in the same way you plan to use them.

Another sign to look out for is a manufacturer’s guarantee. Remember, iron-on labels for clothing should last for as long as the garments they identify. If a manufacturer has stringently stress-tested their name labels in a range of conditions, they’re much more likely to provide a 10-year guarantee against fading and damage. My Nametags, for example, offers a brilliant 10-year waterproof guarantee with all its iron-on labels for clothing.

Sustainability is another sign of an iron-on label for clothing you can trust to stand the test of time. A hard-wearing, well-made label helps people to reduce waste and recycle their garments, which is great for the environment. My Nametags, for example, is committed to reducing waste and maximising the useful life of school uniforms and work clothing by making iron-on clothing labels that actually last longer than the garments they adorn.

Is an Iron-on Label for Clothing the Right Option for Me?

If you’re unsure about how to identify your clothing — or your child’s school uniform — think about the future. Do you plan to give the garments to someone else? If so, an iron-on label isn’t practical or appropriate. Instead, opt for the semi-permanent sticker option.

But if you want a stylish, practical and permanent way to identify garments and prevent accidental swaps, you want to select the iron-on option. As long as you choose a premium product from a respected manufacturer, you can be confident that your iron-on label for clothing will last longer than the garment it adorns. My Nametags' personalised multi purpose name tags are perfect for labeling everything.

How to order the best iron on name labels, starting at 99.95 AED

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    Our iron-on name labels are waterproof and have a 10 year washing guarantee, so there is no need to worry about them falling off after washing your clothes.

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    We use fonts and colours that make our personalised labels simple to read for children of all ages.

If you can iron a garment, you can apply an iron-on name label to clothing. Simply place the label where you want it to be, and apply the heat of the iron in the usual way.

We’ve designed our iron-on labels for clothing in a way that makes application a quick and easy process. Using a standard domestic iron to apply the necessary heat takes just a second or two — but the results last for the lifetime of the garment!

Iron-on clothing labels are designed to be permanent, but their effectiveness depends on the quality of the materials and adhesives used during the manufacturing process.

At My Nametags, we only ever use premium materials that guarantee to withstand countless washing cycles and the rigours of everyday use. And we’re so confident that our iron-on name labels will last for as long as the garments they identify, we guarantee them as fully waterproof for 10 years. Once you’ve ironed on a My Nametags iron-on label to fabric, it’s going nowhere!

The easiest, fastest and safest way to apply an iron-on name label to clothing is with a typical domestic iron. However, you can use hair straighteners for awkward areas if you need to.

There’s no other reliable way to fix an iron-on name label to clothing. They are manufactured using materials designed to “melt” into fabrics when heat is applied. While this may not be your preferred method, it guarantees that the label won’t become dislodged by friction or the washing process.

No, iron-on labels will not come off in the wash if they’re applied with a domestic iron or hair straighteners. However, low-quality labels aren’t always waterproof, so check before you buy.

That’s why iron-on labels for clothing are ideal for school uniforms. If you’re like most parents, you’re probably washing items of school uniform every day. This means you need a name label that is waterproof and able to withstand the punishment inflicted by tumble dryers. My Nametags iron-on labels are made with premium products that are guaranteed waterproof for 10 years.

No they’re not removable. If you want to permanently label a garment, iron-on labels are ideal. But if you plan to give the garment away, look for an alternative.

Thankfully, the type of name label you iron on a garment isn’t the only option available. You can choose a sew-on label, but removing it will be tricky — and risks permanent damage to the garment. If you want a semi-permanent option that’s relatively easy to remove, opt for a name sticker for clothing. Designed to be applied to a care or brand label, a sticker will still be able to withstand everyday use and regular washing. And when it’s time to remove it, the process takes a matter of seconds.