Mothers in the MENA region are divided on how to parent and how kids’ personalities should be shaped

My Nametags, the market leading UK-based personalised sticker and label maker for kids, conducted a regional survey asking mothers in the MENA region about their parenting style. As it turns out, mothers are divided between allowing their kids’ personalities to flourish, and why it is important to have rules and regulations.

The majority of mothers surveyed (67%) responded that it is very important to allow a kid’s personality to independently take form, from a young age. They also indicated that they “encourage him / her to flourish and be who they are.”

On the other end of the spectrum, other mothers had a different viewpoint. When asked “how important is it that your child has his / her own personality?” they responded that it is “somewhat important.” Going one step further, 33% of mothers said that “having rules and regulations from early on helps shape kids’ personalities.”

Do personalised labels and stickers help shape kids’ personalities?

At My Nametags, that value proposition of the brand is that each kid is unique and should be celebrated for their values and traits. That is why the shapes, colours and fonts are all in the control of the child, to choose their ideal label and sticker to mark their valuables. My Nametags, available the UAE, also offers personalised Arabic name labels and stickers for kids.

The art of parenting, without labels

With the role of parenting taking on new forms in recent years based on studies in psychology, parenting styles and attachment styles, there is no right or wrong way to parent. Understanding the nature of the child, their temperament and unique traits, should be the core focus of parents. And so, an adaptable parenting style is recommended, to allow the kid’s personality to flourish.

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With kids often losing their valuables, from water bottles to favourite toys, uniforms and lunchboxes, My Nametags sought to help kids keep track and feel responsible to safeguard their valuables. My Nametags has been in the UAE since 2007, personalising labels and stickers for kids.

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